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auDesigns is a full-service graphic design company without the overhead of a traditional design agency. My name is Alesa, the designer behind auDesigns. Experienced designer skilled in publishing, magazine and catalog design, media guides, infographics, white papers, briefs, branding, and other marketing materials. 


Award-winning freelance graphic designer, specializing in print design and creative marketing. I'm a dedicated team player with a reputation as an efficient, detail-oriented and organized designer. With over twenty five years of agency, corporate and small-business experience—helping small businesses increase their brand awareness through design and marketing. 

Need a job done? Or are you looking for someone to handle all of your design work, but don't want to take on another full-time employee? Need an addition to your team, but have seen the benefits of working with someone remotely? I can be the perfect addition to your team to reach your design and marketing goals. 

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